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Welcome to the home of great deals and offers for Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia! Cobone, founded in 2010 has sold over 4 million vouchers to happy, savvy shoppers and have expert knowledge on the region- hunting down the best offers on things to see, do and eat! We love getting you the best prices for the best things in town and here we can say a little bit more about them- giving you even more confidence to shop and save.

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Tilal Liwa- a true desert escape in the Western Region!

Have you ever felt the urge to escape from bustling city life for a while without having to travel vast distances from home? Of course you have! We’ve discovered a hidden gem of a hotel, the …

Get the most out of the long weekend! Fab deals & offers!

It’s a long weekend for UAE residents this week and here we take a look at the best deals on Cobone this week to make sure you get the most out of the three day weekend! …

Seasons Restaurant Friday Brunch Pullmann JLT Review
Food & Dining

Here’s one for all the sweet tooths! I love that the Seasons Friday family brunch doesn’t actually feel like a brunch. When you say the word ‘brunch’, your mind automatically switches to lavish, over-the-top buffets or …

Meydan Hotel Spa Luxury Deal Reviewed
Beauty & Spa

My mum was visiting over from South Africa and as she has been to Dubai twice before, I was looking for something a bit less ‘touristy’ to treat her to on her last day but still …

Chillout Ice Lounge is a must visit!

I had my family visiting this summer and knew that we’d have to find some great indoor activities. I had never been to Chillout Ice Lounge but had peeped in through the windows, so had added …

Stay Cool This Summer

So it’s the summer here in Dubai and that means one things- it’s hot… super hot! But never fear, we always have an amazing selection of deals that will keep you and your wallet cool! We’ve …

Why YOU Need To Visit Hub Zero!

When it comes to Dubai’s summer months, many of us flee indoors to either binge-watch our favourite TV shows, or we head to the same mall every weekend, just for the sake of getting out of …

City Walk- Dubai’s Top Tourist Attractions

It’s time to explore City Walk Dubai. If you’re a tourist coming to Dubai, or a resident having visitors over or you want to experience all Dubai has to offer yourself, there is so much choice …

Water Sports In Dubai- Top 10 Picks

With almost year round sunshine, Dubai of course has tons of amazing water sports activities for everyone. Whether it’s a sedate swim in a hotel pool or a thrilling jet ski ride you’re after, Cobone’s got …

Take To The Open Seas With Great Discounts From Cobone

For most of us a private yacht cruise in Dubai sounds like an expensive pipe dream but with the great range of discounted yacht trips we regularly have on Cobone, it becomes an affordable luxury and …

Get The Best Out Of Your Desert Safari

Whether you’re a resident of the UAE or coming to Dubai or Abu Dhabi on holiday, there’s one experience not to be missed and that’s a desert safari! There’s been amazing leaps and bounds during the …