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Water Sports In Dubai- Top 10 Picks

Water Sports In Dubai- Top 10 Picks

With almost year round sunshine, Dubai of course has tons of amazing water sports activities for everyone. Whether it’s a sedate swim in a hotel pool or a thrilling jet ski ride you’re after, Cobone’s got it covered for you… and at a great price too of course!

Here’s our edit of some of the best water activities out there in Dubai!

1. Jet Skiing

It’s like being on a motorbike but on water is how we’ve heard jet skiing described! You can normally book sessions ranging from 15 minutes as a taster experience or for hours at a time. There are different locations that offer jet skiing in Dubai giving you a change of scenery too.

Jet Skiing

2. Banana Boat Ride

This is fab activity to do in a group… who’s going to get bounced off? Who can cling on the longest? There’s be some thrills and spills guaranteed on this ride! If you love water sports you will definitely love a banana boat ride!

Banana Boat Ride

3. Donut Ride

You… a donut ring… a fast boat… and the sea- what could go wrong? You’ll be screaming with delight as you’re hanging on to that donut! You’ll also have some laughs!

Donut Ride

4. Scuba Diving

There are various types of diving deals available- dives from beaches, dives from a boat in lots of different areas and courses. Try and get over the east coast of the UAE or Mussandam for some really spectacular dive sites.

Scuba Diving

5. Jetblading or Jetovator

Fancy being 45 feet off the water surface and in control of your movement? Sounds a bit James Bond-y to us! Once you’ve got the hang of this you’ll be back for more- think of the photos!

Jetblading or Jetovator

6. Parasailing

Just think of the views you are going to get from doing a parasail- they will be amazing and it’s so quiet once you’re up in the air. This is a definite bucket list activity!


7. Flying Fish

So this is the new version of a banana boat ride, but yes, you guessed it, you’re going to be airborne for some of it! It’s a really quirky experience that will get that adrenaline pumping.

Flying Fish

8. Jet blading

So you’re walking on water with this activity and getting a work out too. It’s a new invention and you definitely need to try it out! Waddle across water with a twist!

Jet blading

9. Speedboat Trip

If you have a need for speed this is the activity for you. You won’t believe how fast these boats can go and the exhilaration you’ll feel. This is one of the best water sports experiences you can do.

Speedboat Trip

10. Pool Access

If all the above simply sounds not your cup of tea and you prefer a more sedate pace, treat yourself to a hotel pool access deal. You can relax, tan and take a dip in 5 star luxury.

Pool Access

Check out what’s on offer in our Water Sports collection today, get shopping and saving, grab your swimmies, get out there and get wet!