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Why YOU Need To Visit Hub Zero!

Why YOU Need To Visit Hub Zero!

When it comes to Dubai’s summer months, many of us flee indoors to either binge-watch our favourite TV shows, or we head to the same mall every weekend, just for the sake of getting out of the house. But what if we told you there’s a new and exciting place that the entire family can enjoy? All in the comfort of air conditioning…

That’s right; Hub Zero, which you’ve no doubt heard of already, is a huge attraction that has entertainment for the entire family; from toddlers to adults, there’s something for everyone inside.

So if you’re yet to make weekend plans, or you’re looking for a new place to explore with your friends and children, we highly recommend heading to Hub Zero… Here’s 5 reasons why!

1. There’s something for everyone!

Sure, there’s lots of games in Hub Zero that cater for the serious gamers out there, but there’s plenty of attractions and rides that non-gamers can enjoy, too. From arcades, to soft play areas for young children, to shooting games like the Gears of War Laser Siege and the Virtual Arena, to simulators, goal shooting and even karaoke!

Hub Zero Dubai

2. You can get unlimited access to the best attractions ALL day

With their ticketing options, you can opt for a master pass, a hacker pass and a child pass. The master pass allows you unlimited access to all of the ground floor attractions, while the hacker pass is effectively a fast pass, and the child pass is at a discounted price and gains access to the three child-friendly areas, Plants vs. Zombies, Tiny Track Racers and Double Agent. The passes are valid all day during their opening hours… So you can really enjoy a full day at Hub Zero!

Kids fun at Hub Zero

3. It’s in a fantastic location, with plenty of parking available

The City Walk area is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, and is located on the junction of Al Wasl Road and Safa Road. The arena has its own FREE underground parking, which provides easy access to both Hub Zero and the surrounding City Walk retail and dining outlets.

Hub Zero Games

4. There’s dining options inside Hub Zero

You’ll find several cafes located inside Hub Zero that serve food and beverages, so you can enjoy lunch or a quick bite to eat during your time in the venue. There’s even arcade machines within the dining areas, so those eager players in your family can play and eat at the same time!

City Walk

5. It is the perfect place for all gamers to enjoy

If you yourself are an experienced gamer, or if your teenager loves games like Resident Evil and Gears of War, then Hub Zero is the perfect place to hang out with friends. There’s even a dedicated gaming experience for all serious gamers, called the Network Arena, which has all of the latest PC games in the comfort of a multiplayer arena with over 40 stations… All with high-speed Internet connection, which every advanced gamer truly needs.

Hub Zero VR

6. You can save big with our great Cobone deal!

The lovely folks at Hub Zero have got a great deal for you- our lovely Cobone users, so you can try out Hub Zero for yourself at great value only from Cobone… here’s a link to the deal and we hope you have as great a time as we did there! Take Me To The Deal >>

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