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Orbi Dubai- tried and tested!

Orbi Dubai- tried and tested!

We took a family of 5, visiting from the UK, to experience one of Dubai’s newest experiences, Orbi Dubai at City Centre Mirdif. Developed by SEGA and BBC Worldwide, Orbi Dubai fuses BBC Earth’s world-renowned Natural History content with SEGA’s innovation and plunges visitors into the heart of the natural world. Featuring innovative audio- visual technology and interactive walk-through touchpoints, Orbi Dubai’s immersive offering features 12 spectacular exhibits and offers a wonderful, multi-sensory experience.

Orbi Dubai Entrance
Melanie, a mum and teacher, had this to say…

“We had a great day out visiting Orbi. My 3 children, aged 14, 10 and 9 really enjoyed this experience. They were fascinated with the 3D animal illusions and could interact with the screen which showed the African Savannah.

A range of rooms and zones to select from gave them a wide choice of animals and habitats to learn about and visit. The Yellowstone Park experience really captured their imaginations, with fog and real aromas from the scene.

orbi dubai elephants
The highlight for us was definitely “meeting” the Mountain Gorilla, A few surprises along the way, with plenty of screams and shrieks from both the children and the adults!

A great learning experience, mixed with virtual interactivity, really made this a great trip out for all the family. The staff were attentive, friendly and knowledgeable about nature. There’s a bright and colourful gift shop so you can purchase your favourite animal from the shows or a smaller souvenir to remind you of your day out.

We spent about 4 hours inside Orbi and all of us enjoyed the experience. The kids rated it 10 out of 10, which is praise indeed! They learnt a lot and are still talking about it days later!”

orbi volcano
Theo, aged 9, had this to say…

“I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was! Suddenly, as you enter, you switch off from the world around you. It’s an incredible experience and some people’s favourite bit might be the 4D cinema about gorillas and some people might like the film about Yellowstone. I personally think that the 4D gorillas was my favourite. The staff were really kind and they made the visit even better, which is hardly possible! I really enjoyed my visit to Orbi!”

Evie, aged 10, really loved Orbi…

“On our trip to Orbi, I really enjoyed all of it! I liked it all so I can’t pick a favourite part but I did really like where you could stroke the animals and they moved or rolled over! I loved the 4D cinema and the Yellowstone and Meerkat films with the mist. We all had an amazing time and I loved it!”

poppy in orbi
Poppy, aged 14, thought this…

“I really enjoyed the Orbi experience. It was fresh, bright and super clean. The staff were really helpful and friendly. Each part was interesting and interactive which made it all more entertaining. The best bit was the mountain gorilla 4D film because it was funny watching everyone’s reactions!”

orbi carl
Super dad, Carl, told us this…
“Having visited Orbi Dubai today for the first time, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. I found the whole experience informative and exciting. Orbi Dubai is a unique, interactive learning environment with fun and surprises around every corner. It is difficult to choose a favourite from the gorillas in 4D (my childrens’ favourite) to the cruise around planet earth, the journey with the elephants and the fantastic earth Theatre 23.4. Each section has its own charm and entertainment value. Orbi Dubai is a feast for the eyes and definitely a visit with the whole family!”

So a big thumbs up all round from kids, teenagers and parents! Well done Orbi Dubai. Make sure it’s now on your list of must do things in Dubai.

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entrance to orbi
Orbi Dubai’s attractions include:

Animalpedia: a giant interactive screen featuring life-size visuals of animal shapes. Visitors can virtually reach out to an animal on screen and it responds with pop-up facts.

Earth Palette: a 360 visual treat with a wealth of natural images in a spectrum of colours, as visitors are enveloped by countless images of animals, landscapes and plants.

Base Camp: projection mapping to exhibit beautiful images captured by BBC Earth onto walls and a standalone sculpture. The sculpture changes character to represent different animals, which interact when touched.

Extreme Photo Spot: a captivating, green screen experience encouraging visitors to step into the wild and pose alongside their favourite animals.

Orbi Dubai’s centerpiece is undoubtedly the Theatre space. At 35 metres wide, ‘Theatre 23.4’ plays custom made BBC Earth films, amplified by two massive screens behind viewers to create a 360°, fully immersive edutainment experience. The theatre also boasts 3D sound and cutting-edge technology that generates wind, fog, vibrations and even smells.

Theatre 23.4’s debut showings include: The Magic of Yellowstone, which follows the stories of four iconic park inhabitants, and The Meerkats featuring this ever-popular creature on adventures in the Kalahari Desert.

Find out more by visiting Orbi Dubai’s website here>>

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