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Chillout Ice Lounge is a must visit!

Chillout Ice Lounge is a must visit!

I had my family visiting this summer and knew that we’d have to find some great indoor activities. I had never been to Chillout Ice Lounge but had peeped in through the windows, so had added that to the list of must do things with visitors! We arrived Cobone vouchers in hand and got a really “warm” welcome from the team there- they processed our vouchers really smoothly and made us feel very welcome!

warm clothes

They kitted us up in cozy hats, gloves and jackets… boots are also available but we all had trainers on so were ok. Just a note they don’t provide trousers so do make sure you wear long pants… jeans work best… one of us had leggings on and they weren’t enough to keep you 100% warm- our mistake! Make sure you do a booking in advance too so that you can get an area or table allocated to you.

ice cafe

When you walk through the fridge like doors to the lounge you really do feel like you’ve been transported to the north pole! It was like walking in to a wonder land. There are different ice sculptures everywhere- they flew in ice carving experts from Japan to do them and you can really tell- they are amazing! The big favourites were the ice throne and the ice camel… see the pics to see how much fun we had!

ice throne

It really is a place to take amazing pictures- not the kind of photos people are expecting to see of you in Dubai. The lighting effects change and cycle through white, blues and pinks giving each photo a different feel. You’ll be breaking Instagram and Facebook with your photos for sure.

We then settled down at our table to enjoy the refreshments- the hot chocolate served in metal mugs was truly delicious- I would go back there just to have it again. It tasted like old school hot chocolate and really helped to warm us up. We all enjoyed our cakes too- the red velvet was lovely.

chillout ice lounge dubai

It was so different to be sat on fleece covered ice chairs, with icicles covering the ceiling and so much to look at.

We stayed for about an hour and really made the most of our time in there. The kids were aged 8,9 and 14 and really enjoyed the experience as much as the adults.

hot chocolate

I would highly recommend a visit to the Chillout Ice Lounge whether you’re a resident, tourist or got friends and family over. It’s a unique experience that is enjoyable and fun for all ages… and with the Cobone voucher it was a great price too!

You can find Chillout Ice Lounge on Sheikh Zayed Road inside Times Square Centre.

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Here’s some more pics we took so you can get a better idea of what the inside is like and if you go we hope you have as good as time as we did 🙂

Riding the ice camel was fun…
ice camel
You can pretend you live in an igloo…
ice cafe
The icicle ceiling was amazing…
The ice sculptures were so great…
ice sculpture
If you go make sure you have an amazing time!

12.10.17: Update… they’ve now got nitrogen popcorn… now that sounds like lots of fun!

nitro popcorn

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