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Meydan Hotel Spa Luxury Deal Reviewed

Meydan Hotel Spa Luxury Deal Reviewed
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My mum was visiting over from South Africa and as she has been to Dubai twice before, I was looking for something a bit less ‘touristy’ to treat her to on her last day but still unique enough to feel far from home.
Cobone to the rescue!

In less than a day and a half, we had our vouchers printed and in hand ready to enjoy some much needed R and R at the glorious Meydan Hotel Spa. Not only did our vouchers include a 50 minute treatment of our choice but also full day access to their iconic pools (you will see what I mean by the pics). Lush!

meydan spa offer

As we are an infamous last-minute family (much to the dismay of my ex-military husband) we could not organise babysitters for my boys, four year old Adam and one year old Alexander, soon enough so we called up the hotel to check if we could lug them along. They were very accommodating and only mentioned that the children were not allowed in the treatment rooms as per their health and safety policy -for which I am truly grateful as it meant I had almost a whole hour of peace and quiet! My mum and I agreed that we would tag team watching the boys at the pool while the other was having their treatment done; win-win.

Side note: If you do decide to bring your little ones along, there may be a surcharge for the pool use depending on their age. Double check this with the hotel when booking.

kids pool meydan

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and escorted to the treatment rooms where an immediate rush of sweet lemongrass filled the air. We both chose a full body Balinese massage with a combination of Lomi Lomi, an ancient technique that uses continuous, flowing motion to deeply relax and ease tension from aching muscles. Yes, please!

Our genuinely warm and highly professional therapist, Nyoman, who actually hails from Bali, had magic hands –so much so that when I met my mum after her treatment, her first words to me were “this has given me five more years of life!” Right then I knew I was in for a treat. The next 50 minutes were a complete blur as I kept drifting in and out of sleep thanks to the soft tonal music creating a soothing atmosphere, only broken by Nyoman politely informing me that the treatment had ended. I was, quite honestly, in a state of euphoria and relaxed from head to toe. In fact, I think it was the most sleep I had in four years, or so it felt.

Next it was off to the top floor where I found my mum and the boys happily splashing about in the kids pool area and playground, closely monitored by lifeguard Ayuk, where we enjoyed the rest of our afternoon. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and tranquility of the area despite it being for children – not one crummy biscuit on the floor, until we arrived, that is.

meydan dubai

At sunset, we of course could not have left without having a quick dip in the adult pool overlooking the entire Meydan racecourse in the front with the incredible Dubai skyline in the back. In this case, pictures speak far louder than words.

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