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Seasons Restaurant Friday Brunch Pullmann JLT Review

Seasons Restaurant Friday Brunch Pullmann JLT Review
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Here’s one for all the sweet tooths!

I love that the Seasons Friday family brunch doesn’t actually feel like a brunch. When you say the word ‘brunch’, your mind automatically switches to lavish, over-the-top buffets or images of overly friendly thirty-somethings belting out a version of “Living Next Door to Alice”. This brunch feels like you’re coming home. It’s family friendly atmosphere is unpretentious and genuinely warm.

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We found our spot right in front of the very talented live singer and guitarist. The music was a range of easy listening tunes from Bob Marley to Adele and gave a welcome lift to the room. The kids’ activity station had a bubbly (and very patient) lady dressed as a clown doing balloon sculptures and face painting. Of course, Alex took an immediate liking to all the bright colours and the day started with a balloon sword to the face. Big brother Adam chose to be painted as HULK for the rest of the afternoon and couldn’t understand why I kept giggling when he forgot and frowned!

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With bellies grumbling, we started by picking at the very well stocked Seafood bar. It was so fresh that the hubby said he could smell the ocean! I had a field day at the Sushi counter where a chef prepared your choice of sashimi or rolls. The glossy oysters were one of the highlights for me, as was the expression on Adam’s face as I chugged them down (I don’t think he will be an oyster connoisseur any time soon!).

That didn’t matter though as the children’s selection of meals were very well received by my little sprogs. There were separate cloches of mini burgers and breaded chicken nuggets placed at child level and delicious thick cut fries that I may have stolen off of Adam’s plate when he wasn’t looking! I love that they were kept warm but not hot so the kids could freely pick and choose in between all their activities. There was also a separate dessert section (lovely sticky fingers!) of fresh cut fruits, jelly sweets and even a mini vanilla sponge Minion cake.

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Back to the adults! The mains included a tender roast, crunchy seasonal vegetables as well as some Indian and Arabic inspired dishes. On the terrace outside, the BBQ station sizzled in front of the beautiful backdrop of silver glistening JLT buildings and a clear blue sky.

A note for all fellow sugarholics, save loads of room as the dessert station is absolutely the star of the show! I could have only had dessert and would have left happier than ever. From Oreo cheesecakes to golden lemon meringues to a dedicated station for chocolate alone (triple chocolate shwarma, anyone?), I could go on about how mouthwatering it all was but this is definitely something you need to experience yourself!

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